Meat Free Mondays – WHY I love it.

I eat a whole lot of vegetarian and even totally plant-based food throughout the week, but every Monday I make a point of eating a specifically meat-free diet; a concept that was coined by Paul and Linda McCartney for it’s positive environmental impact.

Obviously, I’m all for saving the planet, but this isn’t that kind of blog – I’m doing this for my health and the health of my family and followers.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat a large range of animal products – I’m a chicken enthusiast, I probably go through a couple dozen eggs a week, and have a sponsorship agreement with Sirena Tuna because I love their fish so much. This isn’t so much about cutting out meat, as it is about getting in MORE vegetables.agriculture basket beets bokeh

When you go meat free, you’ve got to look for nutrients, especially proteins from other sources. (See THIS LINK for my video on plant-based protein). By doing this, we don’t only get a completely adequate source of protein, but it comes with an influx of all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that veggies can give us.

On the more superficial side of things, going meat-free just one day a week is HUGELY beneficial for weight loss. Meat is generally quite calorie-dense, even in smaller portions, so our cultural reliance to have a portion with most meals does tend to skyrocket our weekly calorie intake. Cutting the meat and replacing it with some far higher nutritionally dense calories, such as from veggies (especially raw) can drastically lower our calorie intake for the week, allowing us to assist weight loss without restricting ourselves of any nutrients.

Finally, it’s easy, it’s cheap and it’s delicious. I don’t know how many clients I’ve saved thousands of dollars for by getting them onto a few weekly meals knocked up from tinned or dried lentils, beans or root veg, and how many of them start to prefer these dishes over their meat-and-two-veg dinners.

Get onto the link below to see 6 AMAZING vegetarian recipes, including my own epic Veggie Burgers!!

6 Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

All in all, there’s nothing to lose, except for maybe a few extra kilos around the belly. Follow the #MeatFreeMonday hashtag to join the movement!

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