Creamy Vegan Mushroom Soup

I made this soup while testing recipes for my new plant-based cooking show…I went on a bit of a mushroom binge and this was one of the outcomes! It’s the first time I’ve ventured into this blended-nut sort of area, but my golly this was a beautifully textured, meaty and savoury soup that  I will definitely be knocking up a few times over winter! I think the mildness of the cashews really helps to boot the mushroom flavour, whereas you can kinda lose that when using cream. WELL. Here it is, enjoy!








 1 brown onion

3 cloves garlic



500 g mushrooms

 – (portobellos, buttons, or a mix of your favourites)

  1 L Vegetable stock

1 cup cashews


 – First, soak your cashews in cold water for minimum 45 minutes.

 – Dice the onions and garlic and add to a pot on a medium heat with a good splash of olive oil.

– Add a pinch of salt and the leaves from a 2 sprigs of thyme and 1 sprig of rosemary. (No need to chop them)

– Sweat the onions for 5 minutes until soft and slightly golden.

– Slice your mushrooms and add to the pot, stirring in all the goodness.

– Cook for another 5 minutes to infuse all the flavour into the mushrooms.

– Add your veggie stock, bring to the boil then turn down and simmer for 15 minutes.

– Meanwhile, drain and rinse your cashews. Add them to a good blender with a cup of water and blend until super smooth.

– Pour the cashew milk into the soup and simmer for another 15 minutes.

– Blend the soup until smooth and check the seasoning. A good pinch of pepper goes well with these mushrooms!
– Mushroom soup goes notoriously thick, so get it to the consistency you like with a splash of hot water.

– I would also recommend pushing this soup through a fine sieve to make it silky and awesome, but that’s up to you!

 – Serve with crusty bread and a good drizzle of olive oil on top – Heck yes. ❤

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